Lee Burdorf's Football Ratings

Attention website marketers!  My predictions are proving to be among the best around.  With the legalization of sports betting I'm thinking that may be worth something.  I'm getting lots of hits but I'm not a businessman.  If you are interested in entering a business agreement with me, let me know.  My email is on the contact page.



About the Ratings Lee Burdorf was a sportscaster in radio and television for over 35 years. He was play-by-play announcer for four major colleges (St. Louis U., Murray State, Tennessee-Chattanooga and Indiana State), two minor league baseball teams (Wichita and Chattanooga) and a minor league basketball team (Wichita of the GBA). He was the first national sportstalk host. He has been compiling his Current Strength Ratings since the early 60's. They are one of the most accurate measures of College Football teams and he, at one time, won a national handicapping contest. He has run his own handicapping service, published the football newsletter "Grid Words" and the ratings have been featured in several publications and on television and radio.