Lee Burdorf's Football Ratings

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Disappointed in college football playoff as usual. There must be at least 8 teams in the playoff for it to be fair. You should have to win your conference to make it. Ohio State didn't even qualify for their league title game. They also had 2 overtime games and just missed on other (MSU). They were very close to a 4 loss team.
Here would be my criteria for an 8 team playoff.

Top 5 conferences  get to send their champions with 3 at large teams, decided by committee.

And any FBS team undefeated should make it (WMU). Here would be my pairings (with seeding by CFP committee):

Alabama vs. Western Michigan
Washington vs. Penn State
Clemson vs. Michigan
Ohio State vs. Oklahoma

The procedure for determining the top 5 conferences would be using Ken Massey's composite conference rankings.

The argument I've heard against expanding playoffs is too many games are too hard on players.  Ha!  FCS and Division 2 and almost every other organization has 24 team playoffs.




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