Lee Burdorf's Football Ratings

Attention website marketers!  My predictions are proving to be among the best around.  With the legalization of sports betting I'm thinking that may be worth something.  I'm getting lots of hits but I'm not a businessman.  If you are interested in entering a business agreement with me, let me know.  My email is on the contact page.

This week's NFL Picks



Seahawks 5.5 over Packers


Falcons 1.2 over Cowboys

Bears 4.1 over Vikings

Panthers .1 over Lions

Titans 7.4 over Colts

Saints 21.5 over Eagles

Giants 7.6 over Buccaneers

Texans 3.1 over Redskins

Ravens 14.9 over Bengals

Cardinals 11.4 over Raiders

Chargers 6.8 over Broncos

Steelers 17.7 over Jaguars


Rams 1.6 over Chiefs